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Read Away Fines

Great Read Away Fines Program

The Great Read Away Fines Program for Children is a fun and easy way for kids, babies to 12 years, to use the power of reading to clear fines from their Caledon Public Library card.

Starting March 1, for every 30 minutes spent reading anywhere (at your favourite library branch, at home, school, etc.), $1.00 will be credited towards fines on children’s materials.

Children wishing to participate can track their time using READsquared. Simply go to or download the READsquared app to create an account.

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Need help navigating Readsquared? Click here for basic tips using the app and website.

So grab a book, get comfy, and watch your fines fly away!



  • Only fines on children’s material can be ‘read away’;
  • The Library will count being read to in the same way we count reading; for example, if an older sibling reads aloud to a younger sibling, both can submit that time towards reducing fines on their respective library cards (so long as the older child falls within the 12 years and under age requirement of the program); parents or caregivers reading to younger children who are not yet reading can submit that time;
  • The following cannot be ‘read away’:  cost of a lost item (replacement costs), printing/faxing/photocopying costs, book sale items and fines incurred on videogames and some Special Collections items.


If I don’t have fines on my account, or I already paid the fines, can I get cash or credit for reading at the library? No. The Great Read Away Fines Program for Children waives outstanding fines only. There is no reimbursement of past fines.

Do I have to read to receive credit, or can I listen to music or surf the web at my local library? Reading children’s material qualifies for credit, but that means more than just books—you can also read graphic novels or comic books, magazines, newspapers, digital databases, articles, eBooks or Launchpads. Listening to a book (audiobook, e-Audiobooks, or another person reading to you) also counts. Let your library staff know if you need help finding something to read.

Can I read to reduce fines accrued on another person’s account? A parent or caregiver may read to a child, thereby reducing the fines on children’s materials on a child’s card. In the instance of an older child reading to a younger child, both can count time read towards reducing or clearing fines. Note, the older child doing the reading must not be older than 12 years old (must fall within the age guidelines of The Great Read Away Fines Program for Children).

I have $1.25 in fines on my card and I have read enough that I’ve earned $2.00 towards reducing or clearing my fines, how does it work?  You can redeem badges in $1.00 increments. In this scenario, if you would like to clear your fines completely, you would redeem the $2.00 you’ve earned by reading, but would lose $0.75.  You could redeem $1.00 leaving $.25 on your card to redeem at a later date should the fines on your card reach $1.00.