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Artful Caledon

In 2014 Caledon Public Library launched our Read Local Caledon initiative as a platform to celebrate our talented homegrown authors, creating awareness in the community and enriching the collection.  In fall 2017 we expanded on this initiative with the introduction of Artful Caledon to foster the development of the Caledon art community.

Our vision for Artful Caledon is to offer innovative programming, creative spaces for display and to design a platform for local artists of all ages to promote their works both in person and virtually. 

If you are interested in being part of Artful Caledon, there are a number of ways that we invite local artists to participate:

Virtual Platform

View the virtual platform at

The opportunity to promote yourself and your work on our new virtual platform.  Provide a brief biography/photo (optional); photographs of your work (3-5) and if there are any links to your personal website, projects, exhibits that you would like us to promote. Send this information to

Workshop Facilitators

We are looking for workshop facilitators.  We hope to offer workshops and demonstrations in the community and are seeking artists to share their knowledge and skills.  For more information contact Mary Maw | 905-857-1400 ext. 228 |

Art Exhibits

Caledon Public Library is pleased to showcase art all year round! We display art exhibits free of charge at all of our branches. We celebrate photographers, painters, sculptors and graphic designers (to name only a few) of all ages - from up and coming artists who are school age to high school, to do-it-yourselfers to professionals. Contact


Albion Bolton Branch

September 18 - November 30th | Andrea Gregory

Andrea’s paintings are based on scenes from the towns and forests surrounding Caledon, Ontario, where she grew up. Her work captures the beautiful details, hidden colours, shadows and light of the landscape. Her mixing technique stems from early training in water colour painting, which focuses on mixing complementary colours to create more colour tones. She currently works with acrylic and oil paint and tries to create a textured effect, so that the work has a sculptural quality. Each painting has many overlapping layers of colour and detailed brush work, which requires a great deal of time to create. Andrea graduated from the University of Guelph in Fine Arts.

More informration about Andrea Greogry can be found on CPL's  Artful Caledon platform.

October 1st - December 31st | Terry Gardner; Isabel Mackay; Camille Muller; Mar Schiavetto

These award, winning, talented artists have displayed with Caledon Public Library a number of times. This exhibit features work using various techniques including mixed media, collage, acrylic and watercolour.

Pictured left to right : Camille Muller; Terry Gardner; Isabel Mackay (missing form the picture is Mara Schiavetto)

More information about each artist can be found on CPL's Artful Caledon platform.

Alton Branch

 A revolving display of art by the members of Artful Library - Alton Group

Caledon Village Branch

The art of Caledon artist Fatima Learn

Inglewood Branch

The art of Nahid Azari, Dianne Newdick and Adriana Zettel

Margaret Dunn Valleywood Branch

July - October | Nahid Azari


















Thank you to Frank Cowan Insurance Company and Secure Insurance for their generous support of Artful Caledon.